John A. Stotesbury
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information:

John A. Stotesbury is Senior Lecturer of English at the University of Joensuu in
Finland. His main research areas include colonial and post-colonial literatures and
South African Literature, among others.

You can reach his website at this address:

Pertinent Publications:

Stotesbury, John A. "Blind Visions of Childhood: Autobiography and Unseen
Small Worlds: Transcultural Visions of Childhood. Pamplona, Spain:
Universidad de Navarra, 2001.

In this article, Stotesbury examines childhood visions of the world by blind authors,
including Stephen Kuusisto as represented in his
Planet of the Blind.

Jari Kupiainen, Erkki Sevänen and John A Stotesbury, eds., Cultural Identity in
Transition: Contemporary Conditions, Practices and Politics of a Global
New Delhi, India: Atlantic, 2004.

This collection of essays focuses on the analysis of cultural identity in a context of
globalization and modernization.