Jacob Wiinamaki
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information:

Jacob Wiinamaki was born in Lappajärvi, Finland; he came to the US in 1905 and worked in
the mines and forests of Upper Michigan. In 1908, he married Hannah Dahl whom he met at
the boarding house where he stayed in Negaunee, Michigan. Hannah was from Haaparanta,
Finland. They raised five children on their farm near Ewen, Michigan. In 1926 Hannah
contracted tuberculosis and died the same year.

The poem by Jacob Wiinamaki was written upon the death of his beloved wife and translated
from the Finnish by Daniel Karvonen. David William Salmela gave it its final poetic form and
included it in the text listed below edited by himself and Judy Harvala Henderson. While the
work predates the area covered by the bibliography, it is included here because is became
available to the public in 1998 when the collection
O Finland was published.


"Autumn Has Taken." In O Finland: Works by Finnish-Americans, Minnetonka, MN: OTSA
Press, 1998.