Gertrude Tiitinen Jordan
Finnish North American Literature Association

Biographical Information

Gertrude E. Tiitinen Jordan is the seventh child of Juha Vihtori Pellinen and Hanna
Vuorenmaa, born on July 17, 1925, in Paynesville, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
She taught elementary and special education for thirty-eight years, fourteen of
which were in Michigan and the rest in California.


A Finnish American Family: How It Was in the Old Days. Riverside, CA: Voitto
Publishing, 1991.

This book chronicles the life of the author and her family, including chapters on
each of her siblings, her parents, and her grandmother. It includes a large number
of photos documenting moments in the lives she shares. It is a well-researched,
well-written account of life growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the
subsequent Americanization of the family as they integrate into the larger