Raija Taramaa
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Raija Taramaa earned her PhD from the University of Oulu in Finland where her
research centers on Finnish North American Literature.



Taramaa, Raija. The Stubborn and Silent Finns with "Sisu" in Finnish-American
Texts: An Imagological Study of Finnishness in the Literary Production of Finnish-
American Authors.
Diss. U. of Oulu, 2007.

Raija Taramaa's dissertation examines work by Joseph Damrell, Lauri Anderson,
Mary Caracker, Paula Ivaska Robbins, and Lynn Laitala. It provides a
comprehensive background of research to historically ground Finnish ethnic
identity in America, and draws on the critical apparatus of imagology to analyze the
creative works under study.

(Articles and Presentations)

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Raija Taramaa