Eero Sorila
Finnish North American Literature Association
Eric Sorila-Rothberg was born in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1944 and immigrated to
Canada at age twelve. After becoming a sheet metal journeyman in Montreal, he
worked across Canada in the trade. In 1966, he traveled to the West Coast where
family members followed later. They settled down, but the author continued to travel.
At age thirty-two he tackled an academic challenge and in 1986 graduated from the
University of British Columbia with a degree in history. The study of history, world
travel, and photography have formed an interesting combination in his life, crowned by
meeting a kindred soul in 1970.The author and his friend have traveled together
frequently within 40 years. Both have experienced total depletion of their shoestring
budgets at times in which, a lawn in a park or on a field has served them as Green
Mattress Under the Stars.


2012. Lighthouses, Big and Small: A Photographic Expedition around the World
in Pursuit of Light Houses
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Eero Sorila
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