Lennard Sillanpää
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Born in Canada and a graduate of Laurentian University and Queen’s University,
Lennard Sillanpää, worked on issues related to sustainable development, land claims
negotiations and circumpolar affairs for the Canadian government before establishing
his own firm, Seeking Bridges and Associates. He defended his doctoral dissertation at
the University of Helsinki on the land title rights of the Nordic Sami.  Dr. Sillanpää is a
Docent in political science at the University of Helsinki and a Visiting Senior Research
Scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.


(a)        Books:

2008:        Awakening Siberia. From Marginalization to Self-Determination. The Small
Indigenous Nations of Northern Russia on the Eve of the Millennium. Acta Politica No.
33. Foreword by Jörn Donner. University of Helsinki: Department of Political Science.

1994:        Political and Administrative Responses to Sami Self-Determination. A
Comparative Study of Public Administrations in Fennoscandia on the Issue of Sami
Land Title as an Aboriginal Right. Helsinki: Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters,
Commentationes Scientiarum Socialium 48(1994).  

(b)        Significant Academic Publications

2004:        Entries on Sami Parliaments, Nordic Sami Institute, International Labour
Organization Convention 169 (“Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention”), and the
Arctic Research and Policy Act of the United States for the Encyclopedia of the Arctic.
Cambridge University, UK.

2005:        “Government Responses to Saami Self-Determination,” in Ethnic Conflict
and Co-operation in the North. States and the Sami People. Edited by Johan Eriksson
and Kristiina Karppi. Umeå, Sweden: Norrlands Universitetsforlag AB Kulturens
frontlinjer 38; 83-112.

2006:        “Social Cleavages and the Search for Political Consensus. The Quest of
Kenneth McRae.” European Political Science; I:2; 2002; 84-90. Journal of European
Consortium on Political Research (ECPR).

2007:        The Small Indigenous Nations of Northern Russia on the Eve of the
Millennium. Photo Display on Occasion of Meeting of European Union Foreign
Ministers on the Northern Dimension. 12-13 November 1999 at Finlandia Hall,
Helsinki, Finland.

2008:        “The Northern Dimension and the Indigenous Peoples of the North.”
ARSIS 1/99: Focus on the Northern Dimension. Quarterly of the Arts Council of
Finland. Special Issue on Finland’s Northern Dimension initiative within European

1997:        “A Comparative Analysis of Indigenous Rights in Fennoscandia.”
Scandinavian Political Studies XX:3, 1997; 197-217; Copenhagen.

1992:        Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: The First Twenty Years. Ottawa:
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Circumpolar and Scientific
Affairs Directorate Publication Series.

(c)        Publications on Finnish Experience in North America

2004:        “Participating in the Canadian Victory. The Finnish Community in Canada
during World War II.” Siirtolaisuus- Migration 2/2004. Journal of the Institute of
Migration, Turku, Finland; 3-14.

1997:        “The Finnish Invasion of Canada. The Role of Nils Gustaf von Schoultz
within the Finnish Experience in North America.” Melting into Great Waters. Papers
from Finnforum V. Edited by Varpu Lindström, Oiva Saarinen and Börje Vähämäki.
Journal of Finnish Studies, Vol. I: 3, 1997; 192-202.

1985:        Entries on Finns, Swedes and Danes; The Canadian Encyclopaedia.
Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers, 1985; 1988. CD-Rom version: The 1997 Canadian
Encyclopedia Plus; Toronto: McClelland and Stewart.

1981:        "The Voting Behaviour of Finns in the Sudbury Area" in Finnish Diaspora I.
Toronto: Multicultural History Society of Ontario; 101-116.

1979:        Articles on: "Finns," "Swedes," "Norwegians," "Icelanders," and "Danes" in
Canadian Family Tree. Canada's Peoples. Ottawa: Secretary of State, 1979.
Lennard Sillanpää