Harry Antero Siitonen
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Harry Antero Siitonen was born at Memorial Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts on March
18, 1926, about 4PM. His parents were Finnish immigrants, both of whom arrived in the
United States in 1915. Harry was their first-born.. They were married in Quincy,
Massachusetts in 1917. Their names were Antti Siitonen and Hanna Siitonen, nee Saikkonen.
For more of Harry's biography, see his memoirs at his Finn Labor website here:

Harry is a Michigan State University journalism graduate. He’s a retired newspaper printer
and long-term writer for Finnish-American periodicals. A union activist, with a strong interest
in the Finnish-American labor movement, he has lectured at FinnFests on the subject. Harry
is an actor and a member of SAG, and he translates Finnish plays into English. A secular
humanist, he has addressed meetings of the Finnish Union of Freethinkers on the religious
right in U.S. politics.

See Harry's website for details.
Harry Siitonen
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Harry Siitonen
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