Research Information
Finnish North American Literature Association
The information provided here is to assist researchers in locating and
understanding the information they might find from the various sources.

Aspasia Books publishes books and materials concerning Finnish and
Finnish-North American Studies, including classic literature, language learning
materials and other works of interest. It is located in Beaverton, Ontario, Canada.
Aspasia is a primary distributor of materials translated from the Finnish for a North
American audience.

Fennophile: A Magazine for and by Those who Love Finland was edited and
published by Lillian Lehto from 1986 to 1994. It ispanned nine volumes in 46
issues and included articles on places of interest, current events, regional
highlights, specific offices, holidays, and points of interest, customs and manners,
book reviews, and reader comments
Fennophile was sent to the Finnish-American
Historical archives at Finnish-American Heritage Center at Finlandia University in
Hancock, Michigan, so copies may be viewed there. You can find its link on the
Finlandia home page. Also see Lillian Lehto in the bibliography.

Finnish Americana was a journal specializing in the study of Finnish North
America published by Michael G. Karni. No longer being published, issues can still
be purchased from rare books sellers and located in the archives, including the
Finnish American Historical Archive at Finlandia University and the Immigration
History Research Center on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Both
Provide exclusive information and should both be utilized in a comprehensive
research study.

Finnish American Historical Archive is located on the campus of Finlandia
University in Hancock, Michigan. It holds a large store of materials devoted to the
documentation of Finnish immigrants in America and works with individuals to
locate both archival and geneological materials of interest. It possesses one of the
most comprehensive holdings of information and archival materials regarding
Finnish American immigration. It can be accessed from the Finlandia University
website. From the Finlandia home page, just use the drop-down menu to jump to
the archives home page.

Finnish American Reporter  is published on the campus of Finlandia
University in Hancock, Michigan. It is a monthly journal that publishes information of
interest to Finnish North Americans, including what is happening in the
Finnish-American communities across the United States and Canada. Often, it
publishes book reviews of interest to scholars and anyone interested in the subject
of Finnish-American Literature and Culture.

Ice Cold Crime, LLC, is a publishing house founded in 2009 in the
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area. Its mission is to originate, translate, publish
and promote Finnish fiction in the United States and other English speaking
countries. You can find it here:

Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota
houses one of the most comprehensive holdings of information and archival
materials regarding Finnish American Immigration as well as other groups. There
research can be done with out of print and hard to find manuscripts and

Institute of Migration, Siirtolaisuusinstituutti - Finland, is located at
Linnankatu 61, 20100 Turku, Finland.
 According to its website, the "Institute of
Migration aims to promote and carry out migration and ethnic research and to
encourage the compilation, storage and documentation of material relating to
international and internal migration in Finland. It serves also as a resource site for
genealogists." It is a useful source of information regarding Finnish migration to
North American and other destinations and contains a searchable database of
information regarding migration.

The Journal of Finnish Studies is an academic publication that specializes in
inquiry in the areas of Finnish and Finnish North American Studies in a broad
sense. It publishes articles in literature, film, architecture, ideology, experiences,
and other issues related to Finnish and Finnish North American culture. Its website
and current editorial staff are located at Sam Houston State University in Hunstville,

New Orphic Review and New Orphic Publishers are both operated by Ernest
Hekkanen, where he serves as Editor-in-Chief and Margrith Schraner serves as
Copy & Associate Editor.
NOR publishes high quality fiction, poetry, reviews, and
essays. The editorial policies of the
New Orphic Publishers can be located on
Hekkanen's website:
Hekkanen's publishing outlets do not focus exclusively on ethnic Finnish works.
Nevertheless, his own work published in these venues must be considered
ethnically Finnish.

Formerly located in New York and Minneapolis,
New Rivers Press is associated
with Minnesota State University Moorhead and publishes a limited number of
quality titles each year. Of interest to the Finnish North American Literary Scholar
is the Many Minnesota Project which features anthologies of creative, critical, and
translated works by the particular ethnic groups of Minnesota.

New World Finn is a quarterly journal exploring Finnish culture. It addresses
Canadian and American Finnish topics and publishes creative and critical work as
well as book reviews of interest to its readership. Its online version, a supplement
to the printed version, is located at

North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc., handles many Finnish North American
authors, including Lauri Anderson, Richard Impola, and Aili Jarvenpa. While it does
not publish exclusively Finnish-themed texts, it is one of the largest publishers of
such works. Their website is located at   

Penfield Books publishes ethnically themed works, including works by Finnish
North Americans and others. Operating from Iowa, its services and offices can be
located through their website:  Penfield has
published works by Bernard Hillila and Beth L. Virtanen.

Sampo Books was a publishing house operated by the late Michael G. Karni who
also served as its editor. Sampo provided a publishing outlet for creative and
critical works from the mid- to late-twentieth century, until the early death of its
editor and chief executive offiicer, Michael G. Karni. Works by Sampo Books can
still be found at used and rare book sellers and are also found readily in the
Finnish American Historical Archive on the Campus of Finlandia University and at
the Immigration History Research Center on the campus of the University of