K. Alma Peterson
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Kathy Alma Peterson was born in 1949; her parents both grew up in Duluth, and her
mother was intensely proud of being 100% Finnish.

She has a mathematics degree and a minor in Studio Arts from the University of
Minnesota, Minneapolis, and she finished her MFA at Warren Wilson College in
January 2007. She is a poet with works published in journals and periodicals.


Was There No Interlude when Light Sprawled the Fen: A Collection of Poems by K.
Alma Peterson (2010) is published by BlazeVOX Books of Buffalo, NY. ISBN:
9781935402633. Read a review

Befallen. A Chapbook. (2009). Alternating Current. Find it at alt-current.com.  Read
a review

"Transitory Particulates Become I Ching Hexagrams 57 and 59." qarrtsiluni: online literary
magazine. 2/08/2008.

"Begins the Season of Regret," "Life in Particular," "Growing Season," and "The End: A
Collage of Last Sentences from Novels on My Shelf": Four poems.

“Remains” and “Take a Spin Laundromat and Casino”: AUGHT No. 15 (2006)

“Aubade,” “The Finer Points of Disappointment,” “Her Father’s Happy Life,” and  
“Sestina For a Lost Friend”: The New Orphic Review: volume 6, no. 1 (Spring 2003)

“The Kiss: A Romantic Clogyrnach”: Say…: Issue #1 (2002)

“The Story of Religion”: Hayden’s Ferry Review: Fall/Winter 2001/2002

“April Gothic”:

“Nearing Night, Early in Spring”: Laurel Poetry Collective (broadside, in collaboration
with artist, Georgia Greeley)

“Cutting Through”:
K. Alma Peterson