Veli Niinimaa
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information:
Veli Niinimaa was born in Finland and immigrated to Canada in 1964. He studied at the
University of Toronto, earning his undergraduate and post-graduate degrees there. Dr.
Niinimaa lectured in Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary and was subsequently
appointed the Biathlon Chairman for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. He has served as
President of the Calgary Finnish Club, Board Member of the Finnish-Canadian Cultural
Federation, and the Alternate Deputy Speaker for the Finnish Expatriate Parliament, Canada


North American Finn Pride: Suomi=Sauna+Sisu+Sibelius. 2010.
This small booklet includes sections on Finland and Finnish achievements, Well-know Finns,
Notable American Finns, Famous Finnish Canadians and accomplishments by
North-American Finns.

North American Finn Facts: Suomi Source of Specific Subjects and Statistics. 2010.
This small booklet contains a pastiche of Finnish-American information, such as Finnish
clubs, organizations, rest homes, congregations, language schools, newspapers, and
festivals. It also includes Finnish trivia, including such things as Finnish milestones, bishops
and church holidays, flags and anthems, population and economic statistics, presidents,
theme parks and attractions, and other miscellany.

Both books are available for $10.00 CAD and can be purchased from the author.

Contact information for the author:

Veli Niinimaa
25 Cathedral Rd., NM
Calgary, AB T2M 4K4