Nancy Mattson
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Nancy Mattson was born in Winnipeg in 1947 and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.
She is a third generation Finnish Canadian who writes both prose and poetry.  All
of her grandparents emigrated from Finland to Canada and settled in the farming
community of New Finland, Saskatchewan. She has two children from her first
marriage in Canada. In 1990 she moved to London, England, where she still lives
with her husband, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs.

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Writing with Mercury. Hexham, England: Flambard Press, 2006. (Poetry)

Maria Breaks Her Silence.  Regina, Canada: Coteau Books, 1989.  (Poetry based
on life of a 19th century Finnish Canadian immigrant woman. Shortlisted for Gerald
Lampert Award for best first book of poetry in Canada)

Life in the New Finland Woods: A History of New Finland, Saskatchewan.
Rocanville, Canada: New Finland Historical and Heritage Society, 1982.  (History.
Co-author & editor)  


Speaking English. Nottingham, England: Five Leaves Press, 2007. (One poem)

Take Five 06. Nottingham, England: Shoestring Press, 2006. (Fourteen of my
poems are in this anthology of work by five poets)

Images of Women. Darlington, England:  Arrowhead Press and Second Light
Publications, 2006. (One poem)

My Mother Threw Knives: Poems about Women's Lives. London: Second Light
Publications, 2006. (Two poems)

In Fine Form: An Anthology of Canadian Form Poetry. Vancouver, Canada:
Polestar, 2005. (One poem)

6th Ware Poetry Competition Anthology. Ware, England: Rockingham Press, 2004.
(One poem)

In the Company of Poets: An Anthology Celebrating 21 Years of Readings at
Torriano Meeting House
. London: Hearing Eye, 2003. (Three poems)

Eureka! An Anthology Celebrating 25 Years of Toddington Poetry Society. Luton:
Toddington Poetry Society, 2002. (One poem)

Life in the New Finland Woods, Volume 2. Wapella, Canada: New Finland
Historical and Heritage Society, 2001. (Essay and three poems)

Spiral Bound: An Anthology of Poetry & Songs of Genes & their Engineering.
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2000.  (One essay)

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1991. (Two poems, in English and with Finnish translations by Raimo Olkkonen)  

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More Garden Varieties Two. Stratford, Canada: Mercury Press, 1990. (One poem)


UK and Ireland:
The Independent on Sunday. London, England. 14 January 2007. (One poem)

Poems in the Waiting Room. London, England. Spring 2007. (One poem)

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Poetry on CBC Radio, Alberta Anthology, 1987 & 1988; play on CBC Radio,
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Interviews on radio & television in Canada; numerous poetry readings in Canada,
UK, US & Finland.

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