Karl Luntta
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical information:

Karl Luntta has worked as a columnist for newspapers and magazines. He has also
served in the U. S. Peace Corps in Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.
Currently, he lives with his family in New York and works in media relations at the
State University of New York, University at Albany. Look for more works by Karl in
the next year or so.

Karl provides the following information in his own words:

"I am a novelist and short-story writer, as well as a travel journalist. I'm Finnish
American, as my surname suggests, and Kaarlo is my son.

"I was born in Hartford, Connecticut. A fair-sized community of Finns had settled in
the town of New Hartford, from which my father came. His parents, Einar and
Elizabeth, were Finns, off the boat. My father spoke and still speaks Finnish, but,
alas, like so many of the second generation, I do not.

"I went to school, joined the Peace Corps, and spent 12 years in Botswana, Togo,
Fiji, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, the Cook Islands, and several other spots in the
South Pacific and Caribbean. I came home and worked on newspapers,
magazines, and Web sites (and was a columnist for the Cape Cod Times ,
Caribbean Travel and Life, and Away.com), and wrote travel books, including:

"Caribbean Handbook (Moon Publications, Chico, CA; October 1995)

"Caribbean: The Lesser Antilles (Odyssey/Passport Guides, Hong Kong and
Chicago; October 1996)

"Jamaica Handbook (Moon Publications, Chico, CA.; 4th ed. 2000)

"Virgin Islands Handbook  (Moon Publications, Chico, CA; 2nd ed. 2001)

"Caribbean Vacations (Moon Publications, Chico, CA; 2nd ed. 2001)

"Rough Guides St. Lucia (Rough Guides, New York, NY; Spring 1999)

"I published fiction, including stories in literary journals and the fiction anthology
Living on the Edge (Curbstone Press, Willimantic, CT, 1999), and the novel Know
it By Heart (Curbstone Press, Willimantic, CT, October 2003)."

Pertinent Publications:

Luntta, Karl. Know It by Heart. Willimantic, CT: Curbstone Press, 2003.

This novel is set in the turbulent 1960s and examines the violence that occurs
when a mixed race couple from the South moves into a middle-class white
neighborhood in the North. Shared through the lens of the vision of a boy in his
early teens, the text shares the conflict and tensions that arise as each must
examine his or her own response to the changes in the community.

The novel sensitively and honestly shares a boys loss of innocence as he learns
and grows and still manages to remain uncorrupted by the bigotry of his time. As
said in the review of the work in the
New World Finn, "Luntta’s words reflect
authentically this boy/man time in Dub’s life where experimentation with both the
profane and the ideal simultaneously marks growth and loss."