Michael Loukinen
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Michael Loukinen is a Sociology Professor at Northern Michigan University where he has
worked for many years. In the course of his work, he makes independent films to document
the lives of the individuals he studies.

You can find more information about Dr. Loukinen and his works at his website:



Finnish American Lives

Loukinen's first film focuses on generations of Finnish immigrants and the fragile and
declining communities in which they lived in the 1970s. The film examines the decline of the
immigrant experience. It has received the following honors: American Film Festival Council
on International Non-Theatrical Events Finalist, Margaret Mead Film Festival

Good Man in the Woods

This film examines the ways in which the human characters of loggers, trappers, and
commercial fishermen are shaped by their environments in the unforgiving wilderness on the
northern Great Lakes region.

The film received the Michigan Foundation Chicago International Film Festival, Sinking
Creek Film Festival, National Educational Film Festival Awards.

Tradition Bearers

Four folk artists share their lives as Finnish Americans in the western Great Lakes region.
The film examines Finnish American history through film as well as oral history interviews
and photos. It received a Sinking Creek Film Festival Distinguished Contribution to the
Humanities Award.

Medicine Fiddle

This film examines the lives of Native American and Metis peoples living along the
US-Canadian border.


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