Lillian Lehto
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information:
Lillian Lehto is a retired teacher and librarian. She resides in Birmingham, Michigan, with her
husband Paul, a retired school administrator; together they have six sons. Lillian graduated
from the Lutheran Bible Institute and from Suomi College. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from
Oakland University and a minor in Library Science from the University of Michigan.

From 1984 to 1994, Lillian Lehto edited and published a magazine title Fennophile: A
Magazine by and for Those Who Love Finland.. It includes such features as essays on
points of interest in Finland, including Helsinki, Kuopio, Lapland, and other sites. It also
includes topical articles addressing such things as holidays, festivals,  and current events in
Finland. In addition, letters from readers and book reviews are also included.

A Rascal's Craft: Musings of a Finnish-American Immigrant. Poems by Eelu Kiviranta.
Translated by Lillian Lehto. Introduction by Steve Lehto. ISBN 978-879094-86-4.

This handsome paperback includes nearly fifty poems written in Finnish and translated into
English, arranged side-by-side in two-column pages. The contents is arranged in themes,
including Immigration Experience, Memories of Finland, Life in America, Current Events,
and Musings.

The manuscript is supported by a Foreward by James N. Kurtti (Honorary Consul of
Finland for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Director of the Finnish American Heritage
Center, and Editor of the
Finnish-American Reporter), an Introduction by Steve Lehto
(author of
Michigan's Columbus and Death's Door), a Word from the Translator,
Acknowledgements and Sources, and a Glossary of Finglish terms use by the original poet.

The publication is available from Momentum Books. They can also be obtained from Lillian Lehto at 1419
Yosemite, Birmingham, MI 48009, postpaid for $19.95.
Lillian Lehto