Kathryn A. Laity
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Kathryn A. Laity was born in southern Michigan and grew up in Kaleva and Lansing.
She holds a Bachelor's degree from Michigan State University (1983), Master's
degrees from the University of Southern California (1985) and the University of
Connecticut (1995), and a PhD from the University of Connecticut (2003).

She has served as Assistant Professor of English, College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY;
Assistant Professor of English, University of Houston-Downtown; Lecturer,
Manchester Community College; and Instructor, University of Connecticut. As well, she
has served as Review Committee Coordinator for Harvard Medical School and
Graduate Affairs Advisor for the Chemistry Department, University of Southern

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Pelzmantel: A Medieval Tale. Novel. Spilled Candy Books, Feb 1, 2003. ★
Nominated for the Aesop Prize of the Children's Folklore Section of the American
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Kathryn A. Laity