Ernest Korpela
Finnish North American Literature Association
    Ernest (Ernie) Korpela is three years younger than the author and was a tag-along to
Waino (Bill) Korpela in Bill’s and their exploits-some as reflected in Bill’s writings.  He felt
that Bill’s writings should not go unpublished as they have valuable perspective not only on
Finns but are applicable to humanity in general.  He received his Master’s in Educational
Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Superior and served many years in various
school administrator positions in Northern Wisconsin and was elected to the Wisconsin State
Assembly in 1969 where he served on the Joint Committee on Finance.  He failed election to
the Wisconsin State Senate in 1973 and later served in various capacities with the Upper
Great Lakes Regional Commission including being State Director under Governor Martin
           He married Janice Blair in 1960.  They have three daughters, one son and numerous


Korpela, Waino W. Finn. Edited by Ernest Korpela.Cornucopia, WI: Korpela Publishing,

This work is a collection of Waino "Bill: Korpela's lifetime work in scholarly, creative and
critical genres. It is presented posthumously, edited by his brother Ernest. It includes a long
poem in a Kalevala-style meter with copious notes providing historical perspective to support
the extended literary work.

It also includes a scholarly article, "The Linguistic and Genetic Roots of Finns," a scholarly
article, as well as a short fictive work, "The Legend of St. Urho: New Revelations," and
Other Poems and Narratives.

Included is original artwork by Otto Korpela, brother to both Waino and Ernest.

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