Ernesti Komulainen
Finnish North American Literature Association

Biographical Information

Ernesti Komulainen (AKA Ernest Laine) was born in Kuopio, Finland, in 1902. His
father was imprisoned as a Red, which made for hardship in his life. From the US,
he emigrated to Soviet Karelia where he was employed in a work camp in the early
1930s. He escaped and returned to the US illegally and was finally made a citizen
by act of Congress in 1960. He Married Irma and they had a son Erick. Ernesti
died in Milwaukee in 1973.


A Grave in Karelia. Translated from the Finnish by Ritva Koivu. Ann Arbor, MI:
Braun-Brumfield, 1995. The book is published posthumously by Erick Laine, the
son of Ernesti Komulainen (AKA Ernest Laine). It is introduced by Richard Impola.