Matti Klinge
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Matti Klinge is Professor Emeritus at Helsinki University. He is a renowned scholar
and historian.


Ancient Powers of the Baltic Sea: An Illustrated Historical Outline.
Beaverton, Ontario, Canada: Aspasia Books, 2007.

This book appeared in Finnish in 1983 and in Swedish in 1984. This English
version has a translator's forward and an author's forward to this new edition
which contains a new chapter and omits a chapter that appeared in the Swedish

The book draws on the
Kalevala as well as historical and other credible sources to
draw new conclusions about the development of Finland from ancient times. It
posits a north and south Finland with different dates of conversion into Christianity
and different orientations based on the different influences and time frames.  

The book is reputed to be bold in its assertions and well-supported in its
underpinning research.

The Baltic World.  1995. (ISBN 951-1-13468-X). A short history of the Baltic

Let Us Be Finns: Essays on History 1990, 1992. (Helsinki, ISBN

The Finnish Tradition: Essays on Structures and Identities in the North of
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