Assistant Editor
Sirpa Kaukinen
Kippis! A Literary Journal
Finnish North American Literature Association
Beth L. Virtanen, PhD
Associate Editor
G. K. Wuori
2nd Annual
Kippis! Creative Writing Contest
  • 1st place:   Don Hagelberg for
    3 poems:   "Billed to Death,"
    "For Those of You    Who
    Know," and "The Rent Was Due."

  • 2nd place Wendy Anderson for
    nonfiction: "Growing Up 'Woods

  • 3rd place Wendy Anderson for
    3 poems: "Little Miss," "Same
    Old," and "Can't Go Home

  • 4th place Lynn Veach Sadler
    for 3 poems: "Anna's Sisu
    Shop," "Feathers in    
    Fortaleza's Cap," and "Giraffe

  • honorable mentions
Fran Wiideman
Michael Leroy King
Sheila Packa
Kaarina Brooks
Daniel McGlone
Brian Keith Foreman

The issue also includes additional
works by these authors:
  • Ernest Hekkanen
  • JoEllyn Belka
  • Jim Heikkinen
  • Christopher Linforth
  • Michael Leroy King
  • Bill Vartnaw
3rd Annual Kippis! Contest (2011)


1st Prize--Johanna Rauhala
    Four poems
    Through the Window
    In the Backyard There is a Desert

2nd Prize--Terri Martin
    Fiction: The Cottage

3rd Prize--Michael L. King
    Two Poems
    Louyang Afternoon

Featured in Kippis! vol. 3, no. 1
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Kippis! Vol. 5, No. 1

4th Annual Kippis! Contest Winners (2012)

First Place:     Joanne Bergman, “The News from
Nelmi:  A Retrospective” (non-fiction)

Second Place:  Marlene Stoehr, “Death of A
Sauna” (poem)

Third Place: Elaine Moe, “Cleansing” (poem)
2013  Kippis!
Contest Winners

First Place: Kelly Nelson for
  • First Trip as a Widow
  • Blood Loss                                   

Second Place:
Gary V. Anderson for

Third Place:
Marlene Mattila Stoehr for
The Bells of Karstula

Cover Art by Renowned American Artist
C. Ryan Pierce. Find more of his work
Volume 7, Number 1
Summer 2016