Sirpa Tuulikki Kaukinen
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Sirpa Tuulikki Kaukinen is a Finnish-Canadian author who works both in the English
and Finnish languages. She was born in Turku, Finland, and spent part of her
youth there before immigrating to South Porcupine, Ontario, Canada. Her father is
from Lappajarvi and her mother from Kuusjoki, both of Finland.

Sirpa Kaukinen was educated in Finland and Canada. She received a Bachelor of
Arts in English Literature in 1987 from York University, Toronto, Canada, and
worked for 23 years as an Executive Secretary and Fund Raising Coordinator for
the Toronto Hospital Auxiliary and Volunteer Department. Her work has centered on
writing and producing small publications and public relations documents.

She married Reijo with whom she has three children, and together enjoy their four
grand children. Her interests include writing, reading, music, and walking. She was
charter president of the Toronto-Finlandia Lions Club and she continues to be an
active member.

Pertinent Publications

"The Will." Written in English. Winner of the Mirror Newspaper competition and was
published in 1973.

"The First Winter." Written in Finnish. Second Place Winner in a 1974/75 North
American Finnish Writing contest and published in a book,
Lännen Kultaan
, Finland: Werner Soderstrom Oy, 1979.

"Migratory Birds and Clay Whistles." Third Place Winner in the "Finn Fling '06"
writing contest and published in the
Canadan Sanomat in 2007. This piece is
written in both Finnish and English.

"No Place for a Woman."  First place winner in the Winter 2009 issue of
Kippis!  A
Literary Journal
.  Written in English.

"Celebration '92'." Program Booklet for unique Canadian and Finnish musical
celebration with was performed in Canada at Rideau Hall and at the President's
residence in Finland in 1992. At these venues, a concerto was commissioned by
composer Srul Irving Glick and performed by the Finlandia Sinfonietta. The
historical materials for this event are published by Oma Press of Toronto and are
available in the Canadian National Archives and the Migration Institute in Turku

Finnish-Canadian Heritage Recipes. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Gateway
Publishing, 2004. A collection of traditional Finnish-Canadian recipes as written and
compiled by sisters Sirpa Kaukinen and Sointu Fulcher.

Greetings from Canada:  UPS Printing 2012.  Finnish-Canadian Poems written in
English and Finnish.  

Finnish Celebrations, Holidays and Customs:  Quality Print 2013.  Holidays,
celebrations, customs, games, recipes and riddles based on the calendar year and
on the early peasant life-style of the Finnish people.  Written in English and
compiled by sisters Sirpa Kaukinen and Sointu Fulcher.