Richard Impola
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Richard Impola was professor of English for many years at SUNY, New Paltz. After his
retirement, he began working as a translator and has founded FATA, the Finnish American
Translators Association. To date he has published numerous books from Finnish to
English, many of which can be found through North Star Press of St. Cloud. They can be
located via the links section on the FinNALA homepage.

Pertinent Publications

K. Virtanen, R. Impola, and T. Onnela, eds., Finnish Literature in North America. Turku,
Finland: Institute of History, 1994.

Minna Canth. The Burglary [Murtovarkaus, original publication 1882], and The House of
Roinila [Roinilan talossa, original publication 1883]. 2010. Trans. Richard Impola. Preface
by Börje Vähämäki. Beaverton, Ontario, Canada: Aspasia Books. 144 pp. photo, preface.

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