C. Hyytinen
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information (provided by the author)

C. Hyytinen grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She currently lives in rural
Minnesota and has been married to a Finn for almost 30 years. Adopting his name
was only the beginning.  She has learned to enjoy the bi-weekly sauna rituals with
steam so hot it makes one’s eyeballs fog over.  The Hyytinen roots began in
Lappajärvi, Finland, and she vividly remembers her father-in law commenting on
the day they were married—“Well, at least you’re not a Swede.”  It appears he had
trouble with the Swedish children teasing him and his brothers about their English
skills in school.  

About her work
C. Hyytinen's crime fiction is lively and riveting, keeping you on the edge of your
seat from beginning to end.


Pattern of Violence. Crowley, TX: Echelon Press, 2003.
(ISBN: 1-5908-0278-0)

Coming Spring, 2007

Pattern of Vengeance. Crowley, TX: Echelon Press, 2007.