Bernhard Hillila
Finnish North American Literature Association
Bibliographical Information

Bernhard Hillila earned an AB in Philosophy from Boston University, a degree in
theology from Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, an MA in Psychology from
Case-Western University, and an Ed. D. in educational administration from
Columbia University. He has served as a Lutheran pastor in Ohio, Massachusetts,
New York, and Ohio. He has served as president of Suomi College and
Theological Seminary, as seminary dean and director of graduate studies at
Wittenberg University, and as dean of faculty at California Lutheran University. He
is professor emeritus at Valparaiso University and lives in Valparaiso, Indiana. He
has written a book of poetry and published poems in Finnish-North American
anthologies. In addition, he has written two prose works and has translated two
religious works from the Finnish. He passed away early in 2007.


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