Reino O. Herlevi
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Reino O. Herlevi was born in Iron Belt, Wisconsin, and died on September 14,
1986. Both of his parents came from Finland.  Reino had a high school education.
An avid hunter, trapper and fisherman when he was not laboring, Reino Herlevi
worked in an iron mine near Iron Belt for years. After its closure, he suffered a
heart attack which proved disabling. Following his illness, he wrote poetry and
published five short volumes with various small presses in Wisconsin. He is
survived by Mary, his wife of 48 years who is still lives in Iron Belt. She says, "My
husband was a very handsome man. He was 6 ft. tall [with] brown wavy hair and
blue eyes. He was very intelligent and kind." He and his wife Mary have two
children, a boy and a girl.  


One Rainy Day and Other Poems. Hurley, WI: Iron County Miner, 1975.

Your Life and Mine in Simple Rhyme. Eagle River, WI: Satran Publishers, 1974.

Poetry in Thought: Some Funny . . . Some Not. Hurley, WI: Moore-Secor
Publishers, 1973

Poetry in Thought, No. 2.

The Bloody Whip.