Donald "Tauno" Hagelberg
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Don Hagelberg was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, in 1941 and moved with
his family to Berkeley, California, in 1947 and has lived in the San Francisco Bay
area since then. He has been affectionately called "Tauno"  since his youth.

Don has been active in social justice and civil rights and refused the draft in 1963,
serving instead in prison during 1964 and 1965.

He took creative writing courses, and in 1974 he created, produced and hosted
“Live Poets,” a two-hour radio program broadcast weekly on a listener-supported
Bay Area station.

He is also a founding member of the Bay Area Poetsʼ Coalition [BAPC], through
which he supported the organization in its attempt to secure dental insurance for its
members as well as supporting its membersʼ guerrilla poetry readings on BARTʼs
rapid transit trains.

In 1981, Don moved to the foothills of California on the death of his woman friend
who refused treatment both for cancer and mental illness. This event triggered his
own breakdown. He has past his 20th year in recovery and still writes and works
for social justice.

Much of this information was previously printed in the New World Finn. I have
borrowed liberally from the text. The original can be found at the following link:


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Short Fiction

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Don Hagelberg
Read a review of Don
Hagelberg's "Master
Mustalainen's Relief" in
Vintage Voices, Four-Part
Photo © Patrick Wilkes 2008. Used with Permission.
Don reading at Northern
Light Books and Cafe.