FinNALA Organization
Finnish North American Literature Association
This is historic information as the organization stopped accepting members in 2017.

FinNALA is an organization of writers and lovers of literature who share a belief that the
literary culture of Finland is something worth highlighting and preserving, whether the
focus is on past and present Finnish writers, or on writers based largely in North America
who are of Finnish descent.

FinNALA is an inclusive organization open to anyone who writes or reads and who enjoys
the uniqueness of the Finnish experience.

FinNALA works to define the depth, breadth, and contours of Finnish North American
Literature from its inception in the late nineteenth century to the present.

FinNALA publishes the literary journal, Kippis, to help promote and publicize writers of all
persuasions.  Its content favors, but is not limited to, the membership of FinNALA.

FinNALA publishes a periodic newsletter, the purpose of which is to provide information
to the membership, and to provide an outlet for the creative efforts of its members.

FinNALA hosts a Facebook page open to members who wish to share information with
the membership, as well as promote their own work in other areas.

FinNALA, as an important cultural bridge in international literature, makes every effort to
be represented at various Finnish festivals and events.

FinNALA works to establish both personal and publication links between its North
American membership and interested parties in Finland.
FinNALA's Mission
Advisory Board
  • Lauri Anderson, Hancock, Michigan

  • Josef Aukee, California

  • Kaarina Brooks, Ontario, Canada

  • Ernest Hekkanen, Alberta, Canada

  • Stephen Kuusisto, Syracuse, New York

  • K. A. Laity, New York

  • John Stotesbury,  Joensuu, Finland

  • Raija Taramaa, Oulu, Finland

  • Frances Wiideman, Toivola, Michigan

  • Marianne Wargelin Brown, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Beth Virtanen, Arkansas & Michigan, President

  • G. K. Wuori, Illinois, Vice President
Publications Teams
Special Thanks to Finlandia Foundation National

FinNALA would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Finlandia Foundation National for their 2005
grant support for the poetry portion of the Annotated Bibliography of Finnish North American
Board Member John Stotesbury
Beth L. Virtanen
FinNALA President,
L'Anse, MI
Sirpa Kaukinen,
Associate Editor
Barrie, Ontario
Board Member Fran Wiideman
Board Member K. Marianne Wargelin,
Board Member Lauri Anderson

  • Beth Virtanen, Editor-in-Chief
  • G. K. Wuori, Associate Editor
  • Sirpa Kaukinen, Associate Editor

FinNALA Newsletter

  • Beth L. Virtanen, Editor-in-Chief
  • Sirpa Kaukinen, Assistant Editor
  • G. K. Wuori, Associate Editor
G. K. Wuori
FinNALA Vice President
Assoc. Editor
DeKalb, IL