Finn Fest 2008 Photos
Finnish North American Literature Association

More Photos from FinNALA booth at Finn Fest 2008
Steve Lehto
Lauri Anderson
Suzanne Matson
Josef Aukee
Diane Dettmann
Sheila Packa
Diane Jarvenpa
Jim Johnson
Borje Vahamaki
Harri Siitonen
Kirsten Dierking
Above, Harri Siitonen answers
questions from passers by about his
creative work and his translations.
Kirsten Dierking (right) moved us
with her lyric and nuanced verse that
touched our hearts. She read from
Northern Oracle and earlier works.
(Above) Borje Vahamaki sings Kalavela
verse to an enthralled audience.
Young people enjoyed Jim Johnson's
reading that included pieces from each
of his several books of poems. Jim
(above) reads from his early work
in Minnesota Midwinter.
As Sheila Packa read (above, right and left), her audience grew larger and larger;
people filled the aisle, stood behind the occupied chairs. They loved her work.
Diane Jarvenpa's reading
(below) simply inspired us. She
read from her latest book of
The Tender Wild Things,
that just came out this year.
Josef Aukee (above) made us laugh and cry
with his exuberant and emotive style. His
audience was transported by his energy.
(Above) An enigmatic G. K.
Wuori reads from his
substantive portfolio. His
audience was treated to quirky
Suzanne Matson (left) read from the
second chapter of her forthcoming novel, a
historical fiction based on the life of her
Finnish immigrant grandfather who
eventually settled in Montana. The chapter
was beautiful, and now we can't wait for the
Donna Salli
Steve Lehto (above) read to a large
audience. He discussed his book,
Death's Door, in which he examines
the 1913 Italian Hall Christmas party
disaster in Calumet, Michigan. The
book will be out  soon out in a new,
expanded edition.
Diane Dettmann (above) talks about her
collaborative work to a rapt audience
while passers by look on.
Below, an animated Lauri Anderson
engages discussion with young scholar,
Tim Frandy, and an avid group of readers.
At right, K. Alma Peterson holds
attention of fellow poets with her
exquisite and deeply profound work.
At left Donna Salli reads from her own
and her sister's poetic works. She also
talked about her play which is being
produced in Finland later this year.
Lisbeth Holt (above) read from her
first published collection of poems.
You can find a copy of her book,
is a Chrysanthemum
at or from
G. K. Wuori