Arline Faro (perhaps also Johnson Faruolo)
Finnish North American Literature Association

Wolf Creek. A Novel. La Center, WA: Spirit Lake Press, 2002 (or 2003, not clear from the
text. Amazon lists it as 2003, Google searches list it as 2002. The text itself does not list a
date of copyright.)

This is a fictional account of a woman who has migrated from Finland to New York and,
after some time in New York, moves to Minnesota where she meets and eventually marries
and has a number of children. Her husband, however, has a mean streak and commits an
unspeakable and secret atrocity. But some people knew what he had done, people who
were very close to him. Eventually, the family moves to Oregon where tragedy repeatedly
befalls them. While religious throughout, the resolution of the narrative hinges on faith. It is
a decidedly religious book.