Diane Hohl Dettmann
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Biographical Information

Diane Hohl Dettmann is niece of Miriam Kaurala Dloniak. Together, Miriam and Diane have
written Miriam's autobiography. Diane is granddaughter of strong Finnish immigrants.

In her own words, Diane Dettmann says the following about her work and life:

"I am the granddaughter of Paul and Hilja Kaurala (Lukkarila) who both immigrated to
America from Finland in the early 1900s. They carved out a life for themselves and seven
children in Babbitt, Minnesota during the Great Depression.

"Our story,
Miriam, Daughter of Finnish Immigrants (Sampo, 1995), is about the Kaurala
family's strength and sisu that pulled them through difficult times as they established a
homestead and raised their seven children during The Depression. Miriam's story reveals the
experiences of a Finnish family commited to each other and to succeeding under the most
challenging circumstances. Miriam and I worked together for three years on the book and
are glad we are able to share it with others. Our story connects generations and appeals to
readers young and old.

"I am retired from the St. Paul Public schools where I taught for thirty-seven years and
worked as a staff developer. My favorite pastimes are going for walks, reading, writing,
in-line skating and sitting in front of the fireplace with a book.

"I was widowed in 2000, after twenty-eight years of marriage. In 2006 I met a wonderful
man, and we were married in September of 2007. I am currently writing a book about my
experience as a widow. My husband, Allan, and I enjoy traveling, going for walks and
relaxing on the deck at our home in Afton, Minnesota."

Diane writes nonfiction and memoir. Her paternal great-grandfather Robert Kaurala, paternal
great-grandmother Wilhelmiina Partanen and paternal grandfather, Paul Paavo Kaurala all
were born in Finland; maternal great-grandfather Kaarlo M. Lukkarila and maternal
great-grandmother Gustava A. Miettunen and maternal grandmother Hilja E. Lukkarila all
were born in Finland

Diane Dettmann's website is here: http://

She blogs here:  http://quillandthought.blogspot.com


2011. Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow's Story of Love, Loss, and Renewal. Parker,
CO.: Outskirts Press. Read a review

1995. Reissued 2008.
Miriam: Daughter of Finnish Immigrants. New Brighton, MN:
Sampo, 1995. Co-author Diane Hohl Dettmann.

This book is autobiographical in nature, recounting the life of Miriam as she grew up. Diane
Hohl Dettmann is Miriam's niece.

The book has been re-released in 2008.
Diane Dettmann
Diane Hohl Dettmann