Marion Wisti Brown
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Marion Wisti Brown was born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She is
one of the influential Wisti family of Houghton County.

Dr. Marion A. Brown was a Fulbright Professor in the Department of History at
Tampere University in Finland in 1991-1992. She is Professor Emerita of HIstory
at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, and she lives with her husband Bill in Ohio.


A Finnish Immigrant Son in the Great War, 1918-1919. Marquette, MI: Northern
Michigan University Press, 2004.

Book Reviews

Living History: Bill Wisti’s Legacy
By Beth L. Virtanen, Ph. D.

(This book review is a condensed version of one forthcoming in the Finnish
American Reporter. To see the complete article, visit their website at

Marion’s work, A Finnish Immigrant Son in the Great War, 1918-1919, published
by Northern Michigan University Press is a fine work of history. The author has
thoroughly grounded the work in careful research, which she documents
thoroughly and accurately. She cites both central historical texts, such as  
Brinkley, Current, Freidel and Williams, Cruttwell, and  Hahn as well as the work of
Finnish American historians and scholars, including in the renowned Hoglund,
Karni, Puotinen, Kolehmainen, Jalkanen, and Kero, to name a few. The text itself
performs the important scholarly function of connecting the lived experience of
Finnish immigrants, and through extrapolation other immigrants, with the
mainstream historical texts that inform our collective understanding of World War I.