Kaarina Brooks
Finnish North American Literature Association
Biographical Information

Kaarina Brooks was born on November 22, 1941, in Kuopio, Finland, and
emmigrated to Canada in 1951. Her mother (Markkanen) was born near Kuopio
and her father (Parviainen) was born in Nilsiä. She has worked collaboratively on
writing with her sister Raili since they were children growing up in Winnipeg.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts from York University in Toronto in 1988 and has
worked as an elementary school teacher as well as teaching French.

She has two daughters with her husband Brian Brooks and enjoys her four

Her memberships include the Canadian Society for Children's Authors, Illustrators,
and Performers and the Toronto Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Contact Kaarina Brooks by email at bluebell@kaarinabrooks.com or visit her
website at


It's the FINN in Me: Melancholy Musings, Alakuloisia Aatoksia. Poems. Self-
published, 2004.
Brooks’s Poetry Moves Readers A review by Beth L. Virtanen, PhD

Books for Children

Kalevala: Tales of Magic and Adventure (Kaarina Brooks Translator). Vancouver,
BC, CANADA, Simply Read Books, 2009.
Kalevala: Tales of Magic and Adventure is a Must-Read for Children and Adults
A Review by Beth L. Virtanen, PhD

Foxy Finnish Folk Tales for Children. Beaverton, ON: Aspasia, 2001.
Fanciful and Fun with a Serious Moral: Foxy Finnish Folk Tales for Children
A Review by Beth L. Virtanen, PhD

Peikko, Finnish Folk Tales for Children. Beaverton, ON: Aspasia Books, 2003.
Kaarina Brooks Has Done It Again: Peikko Teaches a Lesson  A Book Review by
Beth L. Virtanen, PhD

Bear: Finnish Folk Tales for Children. Beaverton, ON: Aspasia Books, 2005.
Brooks’ Bear a Hit with Children A Book Review By Beth L. Virtanen, PhD

Other Publications

Not His Fair Lady. e-book. Cambridge Books. 2009.

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Prarie Journal of Canadian Literature, Calgary, Alberta,
Aug. 1999.

"In My Garden Swing," a poem.
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Poems (six) in
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