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Announcing the 2017 Kippis! Contest and
          Finland 100 FinnFest Writer Award Winners!
    1st Prize $500--Christina Maki for poems:“Sacrifice of Minnesota
    Wildflowers,” “The Lady of the Lake,” “The Train Station in Windsor,”
    “Making Psychosis Look Easy,” and “My Old French Teacher Was a

    2nd Prize $200--Carol Van Der Woude for her short story, “The Last
    Summer Vacation.”   

    3rd Prize $100--Greg Watson for his poem, “In the Newborn Intensive
    Care Unit.”


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New Book Review

Johnson, J. (2012)  The First Day of Spring in Northern
Minnesota: Poems. Northfield, MN: Red Dragonfly

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Lesser Mortals is the story of Aino set against the sweep of Finland's history from
its days as a Grand Duchy of the Tsarist Empire through its war of independence,
its fight for survival in the 1939-40 war against Soviet Russia and beyond, with a
touch of intrigue and mystery. Independent minded characters, stalwart and
courageous, often out of time and place people Aino's life from Finland to America
and back again in search of her national identity.

About the author: Brooklyn born and bred, merchant seaman, Korean War era
veteran, news reporter, Columbia graduate, teacher and insurance executive,
John C. Hirsimaki lives in Sonoma, California with his wife and family. Lesser
Mortals is his first novel.

Find it at Amazon
Paper back: 312 pages
Publisher: Timberhill Publishing (February 22, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692621970
ISBN-13: 978-0692621974
The Finnish North American Literature Association is no longer publishing Kippis!
at this time. If you want to contact me, Beth L. Virtanen, you can do so by email at
my gmail address, my first name, middle initial, and last name in lower case letters
at gmail dot com.

I am thinking about what to do with this website, especially since I have found
additional older Finnish-American authors and texts that I want to add to the
bibliography. Apparently, I will update it as soon as I make time to read the
additional work and have something to say about them.

I, personally, still do book reviews and will post them here, but only for books that
are sent to me and I like. If I don't like the book enough to read it to the end, then
I don't review it.